Paintings and original prints of the English Landscape
by a selection of British artists...

Paintings of the West Sussex landscape by the award-winning RBA artist.

"I am  fascinated by the task of translating what I see into paint and consider that the world in front of my easel contains more wonderful variety than anything I could ever dream up myself."

 Signed and numbered prints of the English landscape by the highly successful Yorkshire artist Simon Palmer.

 A series of relief prints, linocuts and woodcuts, combined with painted blocks of colour.  Unique works on paper intensely invoking the landscape of Dorset.

 A series of highly evocative paintings of the landscape of Dorset and Wiltshire by this exceptionally talented West Country artist.

 Rare original signed etchings and screenprints of buildings in the English landscape by the distinguished printmaker.

Exquisite dream-like etchings inspired by myth, fairy tale.  'Flora McLachlan's etchings and paintings have an unforgettable presence, infused with a haunting sense of poetry....' 

Limited prints of classic images by some of the greatest artists of the mid-20th century, including John Nash, John Piper, Eric Ravilious, Peter Yates and more.....

Limited edition woodcut and linocut prints depicting English landscape - in particular the South Downs of Sussex - by this highly talented emerging printmaker.

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